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It's a different world out there. Are you ready for it? How do you want your life story to continue? Today's the day. It's time for a change. Read on...

Refocus! Little things make the biggest difference over time. Sometimes a simple adjustment in our perceptions can suddenly open up possibility. Start by making small changes in your daily routines as you move forward while embracing change as a positive force in your life.

  • Clean out your closets, drawers, files, or any other clutter for an instant lift.
  • Make a note of things that need repairing, cleaning, or replacing and donate any items in good repair. Consider that less can be more, and more effective, along with simplifying and streamlining our lives.
  • You still need to spend money to make money. My Father always told me this and he was right! Think quality vs quantity. Keep track of how and where you’re spending or investing your money and, even more important, your valuable time.
  • Get involved! Become a board member on a not-for-profit. Volunteer your time and expertise to help improve other people’s lives. Support a cause. Lead a group. Be a mentor.
  • Be more proactive. Evaluate your eating and exercise habits. Concentrate more on preventive care for long-term health including dental care. Review all your insurance plans down to the fine print and consider comparisons. What exactly are you paying for? Check your credit score and credit reports and what the other banks are offering. Safeguard yourself from fraud and identity theft. And don't believe everything you hear or read, particularly on social media. Get the straight facts from reliable sources.
  • Have more face-to-face conversations. Turn off your electronic device and pay more attention to your surroundings. You don’t know what you’re missing!
  • Commit one act of kindness every day. What you do really will come back to you and it’s more important who you are than what you do. If we are authentic, who we are will become what we do. Many a new business, career, and life journey has been started this way.
  • Self Reflect. Review regularly how you spend your day, week or month. Ask yourself what could you do differently to create challenges or create more happiness. How can you change your current perspectives? Ask yourself: am I living my best life? If not, what small or big changes could I consider making?