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It's a different world out there. Are you ready for it? How do you want your life story to continue? Today's the day. It's time for a change. Read on...

Clout Et Cetera went back to school in 2018-2020. Jude lead Canadian Workplace Essentials classes at ILAC International Business College in downtown Vancouver. She taught international students the skills they needed to thrive in the workplace and beyond in areas such as multi-cultural & professional communications, emotional intelligence, personal branding, and sales fundamentals.

"Hi Jude, this is Fernanda (a student from Brazil)

I would like to take this chance to thank and congratulate you for being such a remarkable teacher. And also thank you for your kindness and knowledge in your excellent teaching skills, which you have passed down to me. I learned a lot from you, and the sentence “JUST DO IT” that you used to say is always on my mind pushing me forward to do things. I loved your stories and also the great advice you gave, they were inspiring for me. And I’m so happy that I got my dream job with your help in my resume and cover letter, I really appreciated that! It has been great 6 weeks with you! I really hope you can continue to be inspiring for your students, just like you were for me. I wish you the best, always! "

Hello Jude,

I just wanted to thank you for all your tips and advice. You really helped me to build my self-confidence. As a foreign student, it is pretty hard to find a job. Nevertheless, I persevered a lot. I was about to take an offer as a dish washer because I was desperate, but then I received an email from the school (ILAC International) telling me that Artona Studio was hiring. Although an obstacle I had were the requirements needed to apply, I still sent my resume and the next day I was contacted by the school again that the company was interested in meeting me for an interview. Later I received an email from the Customer Service Manager saying they wanted to set an appointment for the interview so I agreed. 

Then I began to thoroughly investigate the company, practice questions and answers in front of the mirror.

Upon arriving at the company for the interview I remembered your tips on body language...posture when entering and sitting during the interview, maintaining eye contact, how to express myself, and most importantly asking questions, which I asked. When we said goodbye they told me that they would give me an answer by the end of the week.

The next day I was doing my homework and thinking what I would eat for that day when suddenly I got an email from the manager at Artona saying that they were very happy with the interview and the way I had conducted myself, and wanted to offer me a position as a customer service representative. I was speechless and very excited! It was amazing for me. I accepted the offer. Right now I'm working at Artona Studio as a customer service representative and I am very happy to be there.

Looks like the first step to try to getting a permanent permit to stay in Vancouver. Thank you so much for helping me make this possible!


Luis Andriano ( a student from Mexico)

Dear Jude,

"Thank you for everything you did. You are such an amazing teacher who is so supportive and knowledgeable.

We will miss you as we move on!"

Best regards,


From Rodrigo (a student from Brazil)

Dear Jude,

"Thank you very much for the podcast idea. This helped me a lot in different ways. I am improving my English, I am not feeling shy in front of my colleagues and, at the same time, I am learning a lot about the course.

I'm living a great experience."

From Anita (a student from Hungary)

"Hi Jude, I'd like to thank you so much for your effort and work you put into the CWE class to make it interesting and useful for all of us. I have learned a lot from you and you helped me a lot to get my new life chapter started in Canada. I really enjoyed your class because you put your heart into it and shared your personal stories to motivate us to do better in class as well as in the real life. I want to say thank you again for your positive attitude and for making us stand in front of the class facing the common fear of speaking in public. Thanks to you, now I am not scared to talk in front of everyone anymore. Thank you again for your work! "

From Diandy ( a student from Taiwan)

"I will always remember ”No perfect, and cross the line” that you told us. So lucky to meet you. I am more than grateful for all your teaching!"

Dear Jude,

"I'm really lucky to had the pleasure to met the wonderful person that you are and also the amazing opportunity to be part of your class. With you I learned to be more confident and well prepared to handle the diverse situations in the workplace and in life. I will never forget your advice and lessons. Definitively you are a remarkable person. Thank you so much for everything."

Leticia Yumi (a student from Brazil)

Dear Jude,

"I had a job interview last week and it was difficult. I felt very nervous because it was the first interview related to my university degree. Days before I prepared myself with the possible questions and practiced my speaking. However, during the interview, the questions were totally different. To begin with, I had to write an essay!

Fortunately I rememberd my classes taken with you and the valuable tips you gave us, such as the importance of maintaining eye contact, sitting correctly, body language, confidence, how to describe my professional self in 30 seconds or less, etc.

I will keep this knowledge with me always during my career development and in my daily life."

Thank you very much!

Mayra Escobar – Ecuador

An Intro to Personal Style Branding & Powerful First Impressions:

You Are Your Best Advertising!

Are you frustrated with your job search? Is networking not working or new clients and referrals difficult to come by? Whatever you're doing, either socially or professionally, others first impressions of you can literally make or break your progress. Learn the skills you need to succeed such as captivating your audience, improving your communications on and offline, and getting your emails answered. Find out why it's more critical than ever to develop your own style brand to stand out from the crowd. Go beyond just getting noticed and be remembered!

This seminar was featured in the Fall 2016, Winter 2017, & Spring 2018 sessions at the West End Community Centre in Vancouver, B.C..

"I learned from this class that first impressions can make a significant difference; the way you communicate, the way you carry yourself and even the colors of clothing that you wear can make an impact on others. Great class to attend if you're ready to learn what Jude will teach you!"

Nicki Zamora,

Head Chef @ Field and Social,

Vancouver, B.C.

"Take Jude's "Intro to Personal Style Branding and Powerful First Impressions Class" if you're ready to revamp your personal style and have an introspective look at yourself. Jude teaches you what your body language and clothing are saying about you. She helps you understand the perspectives of others and helps develop your emotional intelligence. She teaches you how to illicit responses from others in the professional world both in person and in writing. Jude utilizes her fine tuned communication skills, personal stories of reference and captivates and engages the room for a fun day of personal growth."

Shaelene Courtney

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Vancouver, BC

Fundamentals of Clout: An intro to EQ

Have you ever wondered how you come across to people or why you react emotionally the way you do? As humans we tend to feel first and think later. Find out what EQ is and how developing empathy can greatly improve relationships in your life, your business, and your career. Learn how to recognize motives and identify personal perceptions that might prejudice your thoughts and decision making. Minimize stress and burnout. This seminar will help you understand the basics of Emotional Intelligence for use in specific areas of your business, work, & everyday life. Great for managers, teachers, trainers, coaches, sales professionals, healthcare workers and...just about everyone else!

This seminar was featured at the West End Community Centre for the Fall 2016 & Winter 2017 sessions and in May, 2017 for a group of teachers at Liceo Boston located in Bogota, Colombia.

"Jude led an engaging and relevant workshop on emotional intelligence & self awareness for our staff team at Liceo Boston. I was impressed with the way she connected with the teachers and brought humor to her presentation.

The strategies she provided were very useful and several members of our team commented that they believed Jude's workshop would be an excellent addition to our beginning of the year staff training.

They also expressed that the information and strategizing Jude provided helped them with both their own teaching practices and their relationships with their young pupils' parents."

Terra McKenzie

Principal, Lower School

Liceo Boston,

Suba, Bogota Columbia

Instructor: Jude L. Gorgopa, reinvention consultant, multi-certified coach, and Founder of Clout Et Cetera & The Fundamentals of Clout with over 20 years of international experience.
If you are interested in booking Jude for a presentation at your school, business, or organization, contact us at
778-984-2768 or email [email protected] For more options, go to our Services page.