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It's a different world out there. Are you ready for it? How do you want your life story to continue? Today's the day. It's time for a change. Read on...

About The Founder

Among her accomplishments, Jude Gorgopa holds a degree in Marketing and Communications and is a certified coach and instructor in Emotional Intelligence, and Cultural Intelligence, Critical Conversations, and Heart & Mind Learning skills. An intuitive leader and trainer, Jude is particularly passionate about helping individuals and businesses reinvent and re-brand themselves inside and out while guiding and inspiring them through a successful course of change. A born teacher, she has always found a great sense of joy and satisfaction watching others discover their best selves and has learned and grown right along with them.

 Self-employed for most of her adult life, Jude has successfully transitioned her career and lifestyle across countries and diverse professions from the arts (film, television, and stage) to professional image and personal branding development, to producing fundraising events & working as a volunteer for an animal rescue group, to serving on boards, to creating and leading internationally renowned seminars at NYU, FIT, and Baruch College. She had lately been focusing on emotional and cultural intelligence and personal branding for her recent workshops held in Vancouver and Bogota, Colombia, and has taught foreign students in classes and online at ILAC International Business College.

Jude has also acted as a mentor for young minority women, coached individuals and adult students for NYU continuing education & professional development programs, been a long time small business supporter & adviser, and has facilitated professional mastermind groups. In addition to speaking professionally for a variety of venues, she has been interviewed & quoted on podcasts, radio, TV, and for several publications, such as Real Simple and Daily News, NYC. Jude has also recruited and trained award-winning sales teams.

 Her eBook, The Fundamentals of Clout: Powerful First Impressions with Personal Style Basics, was joined by a second volume, The Fundamentals of Clout: Communication Tips For A New World…Unplug, Turn-0ff, & Tune In available for sale on Amazon and other eBook sites worldwide. (Visit our Books page for details.) Her first published handbook, The Power of Personal Style, had been discovered by Vantage Point Productions in L.A. and had subsequently been pitched to the Style Channel Network in the US as a possible series called 'Inside Out'.                                                            

Jude has been dubbed by many clients, students, and associates over the years as 'the source' for ... "getting some clout to get anything done! … a highly motivating and inspiring speaker...she has a contagious energy and enthusiasm!"

Visit the Archive page for more on Jude.

Why Clout Et Cetera?

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jude Gorgopa for the last five years. During that time I never failed to be amazed at her commitment to providing great service to her clients, as well as her willingness to grow and "reinvent" herself at every possibility. She has great courage, insight, and warmth and shares them freely with her clients and her friends. I can't wait to see what her next big advancement will be!"

_Laurie Lawson, former President,


" She instills in her clients, both young and old, an extraordinary amount of confidence and style, enabling them to obtain and keep sought-after employment as well as a competitive edge in their chosen profession. She's truly outstanding!"

_Award-winning Broadway, film, & TV makeup artist, Leslie Zeigler

“One word to describe Jude would be charismatic. With her infectious personality, she has the ability to empower with her pearls of wisdom, advice and insight into the psyche of human interaction. Her life experiences, gained from worldwide travel, have given her an understanding and unique perspective of how one can revise and reinvent their own personal and professional brand... in the most positive manner possible. Motivating others to connect with you, Jude brings out one's inner and outer best appearance. I can attest to that from knowing her and would highly recommend her services.”

_Mitch Pilnick, Art Insurance Broker, NYC